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Conventional proportional variable pump energy-saving models:
Variable pump energy saving injection molding machine series, high-response proportional variable system, the system can automatically adjust and output the desired flow and pressure, the output power varies with the load changes, to avoid the energy loss of high-pressure throttling overflow. Can be saving 30% to 50% energy saving, compared to conventional machines; fast system response, short molding cycle; significantly reduce the oil temperature, reduce the amount of about 30% of the cooling water; reduce unlock impact, to extend the use of mechanical mold life; to extend the service life of hydraulic system, and reduce maintenance times, save a lot of maintenance costs; entire line is running, low noise, and decreased significantly than conventional injection molding machine.
High energy saving:No overflowing heating,low oli timperature saves cooling water,and increases the using life of elements.
Power saving:In an idealworkings state compared with conventional injection molding maching machines their energy saving canreach 30%-60%
High speed: increasa 15-25% performance capacity by using variable dispalcement pump.
Oil saving: using high performance filter device to increase using life of hydraulic oil.

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