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Hydraulic double the proportion of conventional models:
  The machie use the excellent-performance servo controller,servo motors and other energy saving devices
   Sensitive setvo control system,the quick-response rearction time is iust 0.04S.
   Servo motor and hydraulic system form the closed-loop control,which has a better repeating accuracy than trditional plastic injection machine.
   Reduce the impact of lock-openina of mold,prolong the using llfe mechanical parts and mold.
   Reduce electricity use,under the ideal working condition,the electric energy-saving efficiency reach 20%-80% compare with traditional plastic injection mathjne
   The system heating is far lower than the traditional plastic injection moldlng machine.
   Cooling water can be saved 30% of the amount.prolong the Using llfe ofcircult sealjings and hydraulic oil Low noise during whole operation,mhich is better than the traditional injection molding injection machine.

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