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After-sales service:
1. To assist customers in the production of gas-assisted debugging;
2. Tas-assisted equipment, installation, commissioning and training;
3. The correct operation of the of the the guidance of customers carried out the equipment of the, and on a regular basis check the;
4. The client device to scheduled and unscheduled inspection visits, the establishment of maintenance tracking and feedback system;
5. Right the appear of fault equipment in a timely manner carried out the maintenance the guidance of and on-site processing.

Presses the quality of service regulations:
1. An injection molding machine in the company’s dealers across the country to buy from the dealer site commissioning and maintenance services, the implementation of the repair kits. The dealer can not be solved by the company sent a Commissioner-site service.
2. The direct purchase by the user in the company, the company sent the site service, and to radical users can also be commissioned to the nearest dealer to come to services. Twenty-four hours after receiving the user request site service requirements, to make staff decisions and notify the user. Sent personnel to the rapid economic principle of there as soon as the user factory. Generally require twenty-four hours to 72 hours within the province to Zhejiang Province.
3. Injection molding machine during the warranty period, such as quality problems caused by damage from free exchange. After the warranty period, the company can provide the accessories, the fees collected user requirements sent home service charge to send staff salaries, transportation fees, room and board, as well as company policy, mission personnel subsidy fee. 4, the company sent maintenance personnel to service users at the user signed or sealed, maintenance staff should be maintenance record sheet of the company Fill pay back to pay the company’s service department. For registered users, files, feedback and maintenance personnel assessment.